10 ways to motivate your employees

Jan 19, 2022 | Articles

Source: Recruiting Times
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Every business manager needs to know how to motivate their employees.
Motivating staff can prevent dips in productivity, improve performance and
create a positive workplace atmosphere. So, what are a few of the best ways to
motivate employees?

1. Be Supportive

One of the easiest and most effective ways to motivate staff is to simply
be supportive. When you make yourself available and help your employees it will
create a stronger bond and encourage them to work hard for you.

2. Rewards

Rewards are another proven and easy way to motivate staff. Rewarding
staff for their hard work shows your appreciation, encourages people to work
hard and creates a stronger connection.

3. Improve the Office

It is hard for staff to feel motivated in a dingy office. You need to
make the work environment a comfortable, welcoming and practical space. This
should include having plenty of natural light, areas for collaboration and
independent work, comfortable workstations and a break room. You should also look into luxury office furniture as a way to make the office stylish and comfortable.

4. Staff Development

Most people have aspirations to develop and progress their careers. This
means that providing staff development opportunities can motivate staff and
keep them happy, including staff training and promoting from within.

5. Responsibilities

Following this, you should also give your staff responsibilities. This
will help them to feel a valued member of the team and encourage them to focus
each day to not let the team down.

6. Address Complaints & Concerns

Staff need to feel heard, so you need to make it easy for people to come
forward with ideas, complaints and concerns. You also need to address these to
show that you value their input and to create a better work environment for

7. Radiate Positivity

It is hard to feel motivated if your manager is negative, grumpy and
lacking energy. Therefore, it is important to radiate positivity which should
rub off on your staff and create a positive workplace atmosphere that everyone
can benefit from.

8. Prioritise Work-Life Balance

These days, a healthy work-life balance is incredibly important
to staff
and you need to
provide this to keep staff happy and motivated. This must include flexibility
and WFH opportunities as well as making sure that people do not have too much
on their plate.

9. Open-Door Policy

Having an open-door policy is
as it breaks
down barriers between management and employees and will encourage people to
come forward with ideas, questions or complaints.

10. Motivate Individuals

As a manager, you also need to create relationships with individuals and
know how to motivate each person – what works for one person may not work for

These are 10 of the best ways to motivate your staff and combining these
together could have a big impact on your employees and, in turn, the success of
the company.

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